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(***TIMESTAMPS in description below) ~ Andrew Bustamante is a former CIA Undercover Spy & Air Force Nuclear Operator. From 2007 to 2014, Bustamante and his wife, Jihi (also a CIA Agent) lived abroad as undercover agents for the US Government. While he cannot reveal his precise locations during his time as a spy, Andy operated primarily out of Asia –– and completed missions on 6 of the 7 continents over the course of his career. As a result of his actions in the line of duty, Bustamante is forever very unwelcome in many countries around the world.


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0:00 - Intro; Andy addresses all the people who don’t believe he was in the CIA; Ex-CIA Agent Publishing process; Andy discusses who the US is arming Ukraine and how they’re doing it; Update on status of the Russian invasion; Andy’s Myers-Briggs pattern and worldview

29:37 - Mossad learns from the past; Andy defends the CIA’s Enhanced Interrogation Techniques; Andy discusses which CIA methods constituted t0rture; Andy’s belief in spying to protect lives…at all costs

43:23 - Julian debates Andy’s stances on government and spying; Andy tells a story about being pulled over by a cop for no reason (and defends the cop); Why powerful people don’t believe in blackmail

1:02:31 - Andy explains “ownership” and its concept within America’s history; Sepp 11 changed everything in America and led to rise in citizen exposure of powerful corruption in the Financial Crisis years; Andy pushes back against a common perspective in America; The current thing with the masses

1:30:51 - Andy gives an update on the Russian Debt Default (that he correctly predicted would happen in our last podcast); The Russian Oil Situation; The Lend-Lease Act and the weapons we’re sending to Ukraine; Andy explains how the Biden Administration is fighting inflation via the War in Ukraine; CBDC’s discussion; Julian wonders in Andy’s arguments are contradictory

1:51:15 - ***Andy explains why he believes the US “needs a common enemy”; Julian argues that this belief is a key indicator of military industrial complex (using Iraq as an example); Andy explains Khaliji culture and compares it to 1950’s America to explain why tribal leaders are critical in this region of the world; Revisiting the US’s Sadam Hussein strategy over time; Who comes after Putin?

2:05:53 - Are China and Russia friends?; Andy explains proxy wars and why we’re in one right now; Iran and China’s proxy war history explained; Andy lays out China’s “buying power” strategy via infrastructure around the world; Totalitarian regimes use democracy against itself to try to defeat it; Andy tells a funny story about an encounter with a Congresswoman; Andy discusses Jose Rodriguez destroying Enhanced Interrogation Tapes

2:32:20 - How much are news cycles shaped by intelligence and foreign governments?; The Fairness Doctrine; Predicting people’s belief based upon variables; Andy discusses the Elon Musk Situation; Peter Thiel’s book, “Zero to One”; The Standard Oil Trust Bust

2:51:10 - What is Peter Thiel doing at Palantir; Andy explains how intel dossiers work; Andy describes the massively growing Private Intelligence Service Sector (and why the gov is hiring them left and right); The dangers of private intelligence

3:17:02 - How much tax-payer money is funding US private intelligence in Ukraine?; The Blackwater screwup; Andy next predictions on Russia and Ukraine

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