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Robert Kiyosaki, Author of 'Rich Dad, Poor Dad', Tells His Life Story (Full Interview)

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In this full-length interview, Robert T. Kiyosaki, author of Rich Dad Poor Dad (1997), talks about his humble beginnings growing up in Hilo, Hawaii. He explains that his father (Poor Dad) was so bright he earned an honorary Ph.D.; meanwhile, he flunked out of high school on two separate occasions because he didn't like school. He also admits that he failed English because he couldn't write. Despite the bad grades, his SAT scores were high, which helped him land enrollment at the United States Merchant Marine Academy in Kings Point, New York. From there, Kiyosaki details how a discussion with his former economics teacher inspired him to join the Marine Corps in 1969, where he desperately wanted to experience flying in Vietnam. He reveals to DJ Vlad that the aircraft he flew were shot down three times before reflecting on the lives he took during a time of war.

As the conversation progresses, Kiyosaki shares his thoughts on America's school system before stating his belief that students are being taught communism. This prompts him to share his thoughts on the "critical race theory" curriculum before explaining that many of his family members were in concentration camps during World War II. He later states why he was court-martialed before being expelled from the Marines.

Moving along, Kiyosaki looks back on a pivotal conversation that he had with his best friend's father (Rich Dad) about his next career move following his discharge from the Marines. He states that his "Poor Dad" told him to go to college, but his "Rich Dad" told him to become a salesman. Later in the Q&A session, DJ Vlad brings up some of his favorite points of the "Rich Dad Poor Dad" book, prompting Kiyosaki to explain further some of his methods for achieving financial success and writing his New York Times Best Seller.

Lastly, Kiyosaki looks back on the Amway distributor who jump-started his successful career as an author. He also talks about his friendship with Donald Trump and the two books they co-authored, "Why We Want You To Be Rich" and "Midas Touch." He also discusses his $1.2 billion debt, being a property owner, his gold/silver mines, the way in which he leverages his debt to maintain his empire, and more.

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