Dwen Curry on $6M Scams, Gay Gangsters, 2Pac, Being Trans Woman in Men's Prison (Full Interview

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In this full-length interview, Dwen Curry from "America Gangster: Trap Queens" talks about being born around the time of the infamous Detroit Riots in the late sixties. From there, she reflects back on her upbringing in the city, including the realization that she was "different" from many of the other boys in her age demographic and that they would often times pick on her. 

Moving along, Dwen revisits an incident during her teens when her mother caught her getting intimate with another boy her age, who happened to be an esteemed team captain of a local high school sports team. She also shares that she experimented with a girl during her childhood. Moving along, she speaks about her uncles' role in her life before talking about her experience during the crack era in the 80s.

Elsewhere in the discussion, Dwen talks about her evolution as a criminal in wire fraud. She also revisits being the victim of a robbery at the hands of gun-wielding masked men at her home. Later in the Q&A session, she talked about making approximately 6 million from wire fraud, becoming a stylist for celebrities such as LisaRaye, and financially taking care of her immediate family members, as she established herself in Hollywood. She also talks about her past roles in shows such as "Girlfriends" and "Noah's Arc." Later, Dwen talks about being betrayed by an acquaintance who snitched on her with the feds.

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