Why Adding Your Content to a New Platform Early Can Boost Your Views

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Adding your content to a platform early can increase the likelihood of getting more views for several reasons:

Less Competition: When a platform is new, there are fewer creators and less content available, so your content has a higher chance of being seen.

Early Adopter Advantage: Early adopters often gain a following more quickly because they establish themselves as pioneers and thought leaders on the platform.

Algorithmic Favor: New platforms may promote early content more aggressively to populate their site and demonstrate activity to new users.

Audience Growth: As the platform grows, the user base expands, and early content can continue to receive views from new users discovering the platform.

SEO Benefits: Early content can build up SEO value over time, making it more likely to appear in search results both on the platform and in external search engines.

While being early can provide an advantage, the quality and relevance of your content, along with consistent engagement, are crucial for sustained success and viewership.

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