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⁣⁣It is designed to push your limits and maximize calorie burn through a series of intense cardio and strength training exercises.

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Mo'Nique joins Shannon Sharpe at Club Shay Shay for a candid and uproarious conversation. First, Mo'Nique delves into the heated moment when Skip Bayless told Shannon to "put his glasses back on," setting the tone with her bluntness and brutal honesty for a rollercoaster of an episode. Then, Mo'Nique shares poignant memories of her upbringing in Baltimore, drawing inspiration from the Jackson 5 and seeing a young Oprah’s local daytime TV show. The revelations keep coming as she discusses Katt Williams' Club Shay Shay appearance, shedding light on the nature of truths that the public finds surprising. Mo'Nique then explains why the public's response to her actions differed significantly from the reception Taraji P. Henson received when they both voiced their concerns about Hollywood’s financial disparities. Mo'Nique fearlessly confronts the industry challenges she's faced, including the complex dynamics with heavyweights like Oprah, Tyler Perry, and Kevin Hart. Amidst stories of her undeniable talent, Mo'Nique reveals hilarious anecdotes like being the "best Popeyes drive-through worker of all time" and how her comedy career was sparked by a dare from her brother. She shares uproarious tales from her experiences on the road with The Queens of Comedy and The Kings of Comedy. Mo'Nique offers an insider's perspective of those legendary tours with her signature humor and charm. With raw honesty, she recounts deeply personal experiences, from confronting her past family trauma to the tumultuous journey of settling her lawsuit with Netflix. Mo'Nique weighs in on Shaq's assertion that men shouldn't open up emotionally to women. Known for her unapologetic and insightful perspective, Mo'Nique delves into the nuances of gender dynamics, challenging societal norms with her trademark humor and wisdom. This episode is a rollercoaster of emotions, unfiltered truths, and, of course, hearty laughs. Don't miss the wisdom, wit, and wild tales shared by the legendary Mo'Nique on Club Shay Shay.

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About Club Shay Shay:
Club Shay Shay is a weekly podcast hosted by Shannon Sharpe – 3x Super Bowl champion, member of the Pro Football Hall of Fame and co-host of First Take on ESPN. Each week Shannon will sit down with athletes, celebrities and influencers to break down, analyze and discuss the latest headlines in sports, pop culture and everything in-between. Get on the VIP list at Club Shay Shay NOW and never miss an episode!

Mo'Nique on Hollywood | EP. 108

Club Shay Shay

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⁣Dr. Umar Johnson x Joe Budden Full Interview (Part 2)

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⁣Dr. Umar Johnson x Joe Budden Full Interview (Part 1)


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⁣Thick thighs, big dreams 💪🌟

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⁣Dive into the untold tales of Zimbabwe! 🌟 Join us on an eye-opening journey to discover the real essence of this beautiful nation. 🏞👀 Explore the unseen wonders beyond social media's lens. 🌿✨

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You can't fool us

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⁣Bigga and Dr. Umar go head-to-head, exploring the profound impact of religion on the black community, unraveling the reality of Satan, and dissecting the roots of racism.

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Dr Umar - Roland Martin/ We Hate Being Black, Blonde Weave ain't Natural / what is Pan-africanism Blaks Don't Support Africa (60MVTV)

This video talks Roland Martin, self-hatred of black people, blacks can't be free until Africa is free.

Dr Umar Johnson content is for education, entertainment, community dialog only.

This channels content is not based on hate speech. Video clips are for commentary from Dr Umar Johnson's point of view.

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Dr Umar: BM Abandon The Hood after Becoming Successful (60MVTV)

Dr Umar: She's Cute but can't Read

Dr Umar: Black Panther 2 Was For Mexican People

Dr Umar: Message to Shannon Sharpe/ Deion Sanders

Dr Umar: Why Can't LGBTQ Join The Movement

Dr Umar: LGBTQ Movement Created For Black People

Dr Umar: U Should target Rich People Not Poor for Support

Dr Umar: Martin Luther King LAST HOUR

Dr Umar Johnson- Beta-Males Can't Get Black Women

Dr Umar Johnson: Gender War / Passport Bros

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⁣Old video of Katt Illiqms freestyle about Jermaine Dupri & Diddy!! 🫣🫣

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⁣Katt Williams Responds To Kevin Hart!!

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⁣Embrace the undeniable truth, ladies! Your power is limitless. 💁‍♀️💪 Discover the strength within you and let it shine. 🌟🔥

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⁣Katt williams talks on Ludacris and fast & furious!!!

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⁣2Pac speaks about the bible, religion & afterlife

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⁣ Must-Watch for a Dose of Wisdom and Laughter! 😄

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⁣Tune in as Dr. Umar Johnson dives into his recent comments on Eminem, sharing insights on the Joe Budden Podcast. 🗣 Gain perspective on the conversation and join the discourse. Explore the nuances of this discussion with Dr. Umar Johnson.

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One Number challenge

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