“It’s An Emergency!” The Number Of Men Having No Sex Increased 180%! - The Relationships Professor

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If you enjoyed this video, you can listen to my first conversation with Scott, here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vHpZEMesriU

0:00 Intro
02:46 Understanding Men's Struggles & Addressing societal issues
05:18 Exploring biases in the education system affecting boys.
16:53 The impact of AI-driven relationships.
22:24 Tips for building real-life connections amidst online distractions.
26:33 Exploring the crisis in romantic relationships among men.
28:55 Analysing societal expectations affecting women's relationships.
31:41 The disproportionate focus on attractive men in online dating.
35:54 Tips for young men on making money and investing wisely.
43:13 Importance of diversification and starting early in investing.
44:21 Role of mentors in the development of young men.
50:09 Emphasising discipline and character in personal growth.
01:02:37 How moments of rock bottom lead to personal growth.
01:03:30 Importance of moderation and self-awareness in personal development.
01:05:40 Balancing career, fitness, and social life for holistic growth.
01:08:53 Addressing societal issues through economic reforms.
01:18:21 Modern interpretation of masculinity and romantic relationships.
01:23:09 Acknowledging challenges in online dating and building confidence.
01:25:22 Discussing the dynamics favouring the top 10% in online dating.
01:27:23 Importance of economic policies for genuine connections.
01:32:48 Valuing social connections in the workplace.
01:42:11 Discussing the need for regulation in AI and its impact on society.
01:45:49 AI's role in creating purpose beyond traditional work.
01:46:46 Exploring new job opportunities in the age of AI.
01:49:45 Discussing the effects of autonomous driving on jobs.
01:51:23 Analysing the positive impact of AI on job opportunities.

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