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Headie One - Martin's Sofa (Official Music Video)

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Prod by. M1onthebeat
Director - Nathan James Tettey @nathan_tettey_
Production Company: Knucklehead @knucklehead_hq
Executive Producer - Ore Okonedo @oreokonedo
Producer - Alex Ayodele-Otele @alexayodele.o
Producer - Theo Hue Williams @theohuewilliams
Production Manager - Pollyanna Boyles @pollyannaboyles
Production Assistant - Abby Rothwell @abbyrothwell
1st Assistant Director - Jack Green
2nd Assistant Director - Elsa Grace @_elsa.grace_
3rd Assistant Director - Jessica Matthews @jessixamtthews
Floor Runner - Levi Mattey @levicmattey
Floor Runner - Felix Hoare
Director of Photography - Kai Blamey Nguyen @kaiblamey_
Steadicam Operator - Beaumont Prichard-James @beauxpj
Focus Puller - Alasdair Baines @alibainesfilm
2nd Assistant Camera - Rory Power @_rorypower
Camera Trainee - Maria Molso
Key Grip - Daniel Essex
Gaffer - Lee Parfitt @leelightingservices
Electrician - Rachel Moule @lifeoutfront
Electrician/Driver - Josh Loudon @joshloudon
Electrician/Driver - John Forsyth
Electrician/Driver - Gary Moore @gazzman85
Rigger - Mike Lee Frost
Rigger - Harry Laws
Rigger - Pat Daly
Rigger - Harrison Lannigan
Production Designer - Hugo Harris @hugoharris_art
Art Assistant - Nana Quartey @88shadows
Art Assistant - Tasneem Elnayal @telnstudios
Art Assistant - Danial Lambert
Construction: The Looney Studio @thelooneystudio
Construction Manager - Edwin Bax
Carpenter - Tomasz Mieszkian
Carpenter - Rory Hutcheson
Carpenter - Heron Collins
SFX - Matter SFX @mattersfx
SFX Supervisor - Danny Edwards @dannyedwards1985
SFX Technician - David Powell @david.w.powell
Headie One Stylist - Toni Blaze @toniblaze
Assistant Stylist - Blessing Ayozie
Assistant Stylist - Amelia Provic
Assistant Stylist - Blessing Ayozie @samarthya_oze
Assistant Stylist - Fatoumata Diawara @fvt_d
Editor - Ollie Paxton @OlliePax
Colour: Matthieu Touliet @matthieu.toullet
Senior Colour Producer: Chris Anthony @chrisanthonyproducer
Colour House: Company 3 @Company_3
VFX Team - DeNova Media
BTS - Reef Rounding @coral.reef._
Medic - Steve Flower
Security - Steve Woolcock
Security - Mathew Richards
Facilities Driver - Jason Gibbs
Catering - Ray @ Mama Jay’s Kitchen
Artist Management:
Label -Relentless Records
Video Commissioner - Mike O'Keefe
Relentless MD: Ben Coates @ben__coates__
Director of Marketing: Sabrina Kristiansen @sabrinasik
Marketing Manager: Mimi Oritse @mimioritse

M11 in a bruck down motor,
One way trip strait to martins sofa,
Lost everything felt like I had no one,
I was sat stressed out on margins sofa,
Done my first show had to spud the promoter,
head straight back to martins sofa,
I pray when the fame and the chartings over,
I ain’t gotta end up on martins sofa,
Winter night, it's the 6th October,
If I had one wish for my birthday,
it would be some more 10 10 yola,
I’m the bando there's no california,
Im tryna count these 20s up sober
The ding dong bait, no insurance,
One more sale till the reloads over,
I’m thru a make a crack fiend turn chauffeur
My intentions innocent,
This bandos small but dreaming big,
It was attempted M , first time I was faced with the cps,
I Built my first hood phone loosing,
The gang asked me why I’m in OT jugging,
Cos I’d rather sit down for the food than bootings,
Everyday these birds just get more stupid,
Bro got a 8 a mash no sweets and now he gotta wait till his free , gluten,
OT boy, but When I come to hood i cause a nuisance ,
Had the Hammer on me come like im tryna do home improvements
Its a double life working 2 shifts,
Monday I’m tryna be a college boy, Friday I’m on a northwest train from Euston,
I Fucked up my attendance,
put a 2 and blues with magic and made it assemble like the avengers
Pa always said I’m useless,
my first day in Scotland I made me two quid
My worker try finessing the pack,
he said Fiona’s car got smashed,
I was down to my last half each, had me with hand thing in the back of the cab,
I was taking smoke on the mway, I felt like a spoilt exhaust pipe,
I need this food right now and I don’t wanna hear more lies,
Told them that Ino it’s loss it’s coasher,
Just round up that last little change u got and meet me on martins sofa,
Then I back the revolver,
What haven’t I done while sitting on martins sofa
I swung the stick round like a golfer
I Switched up the pattern and trapped out a motor
everyday yola,
Mag or ammonia
I don’t wanna catch me a 30
I’m Tryna stack me a 30 and buy a Daytona
I need my trap days over I see myself in the Daily mail,
I’m on my 3rd strike so if I grabbed fam I can’t get bail,
I smell like the bando I can’t get girls
And Before knowbetter I would’ve quit rap cos I cant take Ls
Had to sign on twice a week, I got too much shows now I can’t make sales
Had just the sand left I felt like Seychelles
I even parked off bells in martins sofa

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Sofa 🔥🔥✨

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