10 Uncomfortable Signs You’re Actually Becoming The Person You’re Supposed To Be

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  • Sophia Divine
    Sophia Divine WOW.... BLESSINGS TO YOU ... always feeling such great vibrations from you...and yessssssssss...hellllloooooo!!! I'll keep diving deeeeeppp...this is very true for my life... Many blessings to you..
    • Jordan Radecki
      Jordan Radecki I'd like to thank you!.. your words are so powerful and I appreciate your existence... peace and love my friend.. stay humble :)
      • Knight OfNights
        Knight OfNights "and we haven't even had breakfast." I do intermittent fasting.
        • Day Dreamer
          Day Dreamer I would like to thank my spirit guide, angels for leading me to your channel. And also thank you for making such wonderful, calming videos discussing these topics.
          As Im going through my spiritual awakening transition period, i am faced with uncertainty and challenges. Listening to your video while i do work, helps me to look at the issue at hand with different perspective, your video lifts me up, motivate me and help me to carry on my journey to be my best self. Thank you Ralph.
          • danita banko
            danita banko so glad your talking about this, and I usually waking up at 3-3:30 am. no alarm. it's like 5-51/2 hours is all I need at that time!
            • Wilhelm Heute
              Wilhelm Heute Thx again Ralph :) Everytime you speak of your past, especially when you talk about your jobs, it is like you describing my excact feelings. Thumbs up!
              • James McDonough
                James McDonough You are right, live in the moment, in the now, for that becomes your future.
                • Krystal Sapkowski
                  Krystal Sapkowski I needed this !
                • Lailah Angel
                  Lailah Angel When I realized I have to detach myself from people I love most.
                  • Alexis Vega
                    Alexis Vega feels so good to be alive baby! I'm glad I found your channel, and you've helped me in my journey finding myself and purpose. I'm not there yet but on the right path thanks to you. thank you Ralph
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