Hair and Makeup, Beauty trends Fall 2022 Winter 2023

  • We will take a look at what is presented to us on the runways of big fashion houses with regards to Hair and Makeup trends for Fall 2022 Winter 2023 and dissect all of the details of their looks. Hair cuts, and styles. Makeup technique, brows, shadows, lip colours. As most of us already have makeup and of course hair we can already try some of these out and spice up our looks without spending a penny. As far as hair goes be careful with you experimentation, may be leave your hair to the professionals.
    00:00 Introduction
    01:50 Sparkle
    02:31 Color pop
    02:20 Liner
    03:37 Smokey
    04:02 Embellishments
    05:20 Red
    05:40 Dark
    06:27 Bleached Brows
    08:51 Hair
    09:36 Braids
    10:37 Sleek
    12:03 Wet
    12:45 Bangs
    13:19 Buzz
    13:41 Pixy
    14:25 Bob
    15:11 Mullet
    16:05 Nails
    Fall 2022 Winter 2023:
    Color Trends
    Pattern Trends
    Texture Trends
    Bag Trends
    Shoe Trends
    Accessory Trends

    Category : Hair & Beauty


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