The EPIC Benefits of Castor Oil (and HOW TO USE IT FOR YOUR HEALTH)

  • Health Chronicle Talks about the benefits of Castor oil.
    Castor oil has traditionally been used as a remedy for treating various skin conditions and infections, relieving constipation, and increasing the health of hair. However, recent studies have shown that castor oil can be used to support the immune system, and an anti-inflammatory agent, antimicrobial agent, and lymphatic stimulant.
    You can use castor oil in a couple of different ways. Apply it directly to the skin, use it through a castor oil pack, or mix it with other oils to use it as a topical remedy. You can drink castor oil too, just add it to milk or lukewarm water or taken in the form of a supplement.
    Topical Uses for Castor Oil
    -Arthritis Treatment
    -To Strengthen and Grow Hair
    -Acne Treatment
    -Skin Moisturiser
    -Deep Cleanser
    -To Improve Immunity Function
    -To Eliminate Fine Lines and Wrinkles
    -Reduce Swelling and Inflammation
    -Support Lymphatic System
    -Increase Circulation
    -Heal Wounds and Abrasions
    -Relieve Menstrual Cramps
    Drinking castor oil helps in (1 teaspoon)
    -Relieve Constipation
    -Clean Out Intestines Before Surgery
    -Induction of Labor
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