Crystals: How I Cleanse, Energize, Charge & Love My Crystals


3 years ago

  • Do You Have Crystals? How Do You Cleanse Your Crystals? How Do You Charge Your Crystals? Caroline Jalango discusses how she cleanses her crystals, energizes her crystals, charges her crystals and what she thinks about programming crystals! Caroline Jalango Cleanse her crystals by running them over lukewarm water, using sound vibrations from Tibetan singing bowls, using sunlight energy, moonlight energy, cleansing crystals with sage bundles or incense, Cleansing and charging crystals using selenite slabs and crystal clusters, cleansing and charging crystals through visualization, intention and love energy, and also cleansing crystals with heart to heart love contact.
    She doesn't program crystals!
    Love is the highest your crystals.
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