Michael Franzese on How He Felt when Mob Boss Carmine the Snake Died, Who Put a Hit on Him (Part 13)


2 weeks ago

  • Part 14: youtu.be/V3ZzN2LQcVk
    Part 12: youtu.be/jDXXdhdBYg4
    Part 1: youtu.be/xBI82gdpM78
    In this clip, Michael Franzese opened up about former Colombo boss Carmine Persico passing away in 2019. While Persico put a hit out on Michael when he walked away from the family, Michael explained that he was still sad to hear of Persico's passing. Michael stated that he wasn't surpirsed when a hit was placed on him, but he added that he was surprised that his father went along with the order. After stating that he forgave his father before his death, Michael explained why he thinks the mob's golden era stopped in the mid-80's and he doesn't think it'll ever come back.

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