#LeadersAreReaders Challenge: Powernomics Ch 3 (by Claude Anderson)

  • :( I've forgotten who originally tagged me in their video along with the name of that actual challenge but it was similar to this idea here. The purpose of the #ReadingToMyPeople challenge is to expose our friends, family, followers, and viewers, to more books than they would normally be exposed to had they relied on their own efforts to make time to read. And so, we can kill more than two birds with one stone if we record and share what we are currently reading, with others.
    In his book, POWERNOMICS, Dr. Claud Anderson introduces the term: ethno-aggregation. Ethno-Aggregation is the process of pooling resources to create, control, and maintain wealth, goods, and services within an ethnic community. It's a process he recommends us Black people practice in order to economically empower ourselves. We must put all emphasis on being a true community and less on being a "hood."
    I invite you to take part in the #ReadingToMyPeople Challenge and share what work of literature you're currently enjoying. (Black authors requested.)

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