Which Zodiac Signs Can Keep A Secret And Which Cannot?

  • Which zodiac signs can keep a secret and which cannot? Today we look to the cosmos once again to reveal which signs of the zodiac are trustworthy, and which signs can't help but tell all.
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    You are officially the worst at keeping secrets Gemini, but don't worry it's not your fault.
    When it comes to keeping your own life private Sagittarius, you're great at keeping secrets... however when it comes to keeping the secrets of others... not so much.
    You're not the worst, but you're definitely not the best. One of the best things about you is your honest nature. While you'll strive to keep important details close, you don't like being burdened with having to hold on to a secret and are worried you may let the news slip unintentionally.
    You're someone who can really walk a mile in someone else's shoes. You're also very loyal and these two traits can be conflicting when it comes to keeping secrets.
    You tend to be a private sign yourself and can understand why someone would want a secret to be kept.
    When it comes to secrets of others, it's not something you love to do. It depends on the situation, and the level of the relationship for you to truly burden yourself with someone else's secrets.
    You're naturally quite an open sign and are willing to share your own secrets with others.
    You welcome your friends to confide in you with open arms. You often collect the stories of those you love to use as tools to comfort others, without naming names and all while keeping the secrest of your friends safe.
    Being loyal and trustworthy you are always willing to keep your friend's secrets, until the end.
    When you were younger you may have told a secret or two you shouldn't have, but you've learned from your youth.
    Being a born leader you are great at keeping secrets.
    You are the best sign at keeping secrets in the zodiac.
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