Signs a LEO likes you! ♡ | Jae Astrology

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  • Eliana Flores
    Eliana Flores Lovee how you closed the video! I am a Leo and definitely expect that person to treat me like I do! follow the lead!
    • Mikael Blomberg
      Mikael Blomberg Very interesting take. Feels like you covered it all. Very recently opened up to astrology for real, and stuff makes so much more sense now! Always thought there was something wrong about oneself, that there was tons of self working to do. Looks like it was one's core all along. Thank you for a nice video, and for delivering it with such positive energy!
      • J. Lilly
        J. Lilly Mikael Blomberg this was soooo good to hear. Sincerely, thank you for your kind words. I’m glad you’re finding the answers you were seeking and I’m exceptionally happy that you are finding yourself through astrology. The same thing happened to me and it’s a wonderful self-discovery!
    • Joel Nurse
      Joel Nurse I'm a Leo born we see our self up and never settle for less
      • Rachelle Dunbar
        Rachelle Dunbar Yasss girl, you know how describe us! #leo gang♌️♌️♌️ I’m dating a Leo guy too and the passion between us and it is so much fun have him around..
        • Angelo Hiram Settler
          Angelo Hiram Settler I’m a Leo good job young lady
          • Zy Kir
            Zy Kir Im a pisces I'm a capicorn moon and a aries ascendants and im attracted to Leos and my bsf is a leo
            • LeoKing
              LeoKing This was really good and on point! I definitely will shower them with admiration and gifts.
              • Adam Antill
                Adam Antill Please make a video about Sagittarius next.
                • The Journey
                  The Journey Leo here, you did great sis! Subscribed :)
                  • Tam Charms
                    Tam Charms I love your energy honey!
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