National Geographic Documentary 2020 HD - Wildlife Papua New Guinea - Exotic Animals

  • National Geographic Documentary 2020 HD -Wildlife Papua New Guinea - Exotic Animals
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  • Goru
    Goru 2:05 That dab game is on point
    • Spencer Cooper-Thorn
      Spencer Cooper-Thorn It’s crazy to think that all these amazing animals and creatures cake from bacteria .
      • Kri MD
        Kri MD God created everything with a purpose and what a beautiful world we have to take care of and appreciate! It’s always wonderful to see the intricate unique characteristics and behaviors among so many living things !
        No offense but this video has a few places with badly edited parts , where there will be silence , bad transitions between scened here and there , due to the editing. It’s as if some parts were cropped out and things pieced together. Anyway .. not sure what that’s about. But just letting ya know. I can’t help but laugh at some of the male mating rituals consist of, in terms of their displaying features or abilities haha. Oh and also , ewe ... I can’t stand bugs of any kind. They really freak me out.
        • Zarina Romanets
          Zarina Romanets Nat Geo: ~ these are the Birds of Paradise ~
          Me: It's got a platinum mohawk!! These birds are rave dancing! :D
          • Cathrine Maunganidze
            Cathrine Maunganidze for the love of nature
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