Westlife - When You're Looking Like That (Official Video)

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  • Laura McEwan
    Laura McEwan I was 5 when this song came out and dreamt about growing up to become 5 foot 10... I'm 23 now and it's still just a dream.
    • Maks Rosebuster
      Maks Rosebuster I don't know why some people are so allergic to boy bands. The music is perfect, voices are pure, the songs are catchy and wonderful to sing along, and they're very emotional, you can really feel the emotions. It's all made for enjoyment, what's wrong about it?
      • melatonin
        melatonin @4starKT what do you expect the lyrics to be?? They're meant to be like that. Yup they're cheesy, but the message is there. Especially Westlife's songs for me, i love the meaning behind Flying Without wings, if i let you go, swear it again, my love.... They're so good!!!! Compared to the love songs One Direction has.... And I think most of the songs before are really cheesy.
      • melatonin
        melatonin @4starKT maybe you're a fan of kpop?
      • 4starKT
        4starKT @melatonin I am a fan of good music .. Kpop isn't just about pretty boys and girls who can dance there are tons of artists who produce and write their own songs. Look I love westlife but they can't write a song to save themselves they had a 50 of Simon Cowell lackeys who wrote for them same as boy zone
      • melatonin
        melatonin @4starKT im a fan of good music too! I appreciate kpop a lot, i dance to it... I love blackpink, bts, 2ne1,bigbang. I listen to them when im in the mood. But based on my personality & the world's noise now, i prefer going back to the old songs.. including boybands'. Idk but i feel so touched with the words and melodies. and you know, the simpilicity. I hope u understand me, but again, i still listen to the new songs now, they're bop. As u can see, im a swiftie.
        and in WL's case, i believe that all of them have their songwriting capacities esp. Shane...in fact, they were given a chance to write and have an album individually when they disbanded. Its just that when you're in a boyband, you'll be given songs that they think are fit for the band. And u got no choice, which is actually i think one of the reasons why Zayn left 1D? Idk. Maybe he knows he can do more and write, but its not for a boyband thing.
      • Music Savant Accountant
        Music Savant Accountant Boybands make the fan's boyfriends jealous. hahahaha... Girls loven them, boys wanna be like them. And those that get left behind turn to alternative rock music, become nihilistic, and hate the world. Whaddaya expect. I've been there. Hahahaha!!!.....
    • Jaime Isaac Juárez Méndez
      Jaime Isaac Juárez Méndez 18 years before listen up in march of 2020 yeah!!! The best of the best pop!!!...
      • John Meda
        • First of all it\'s Yaoi second
          First of all it's Yaoi second I'm sad that the quality the 90's boy band produced are gone with them when they disappear for so many years... Some of them got reunited but still not the same coz new fetus are not so appealing to them now since they are now old... I can only stand BigHit artists now since they are the only groups that brings quality to my likings... 90's bands are mostly disbanded but their songs are immortals you can't change my mind...

          (November 8 2019 here)
          • Renny Herdadi
            Renny Herdadi Apart from their long lasting beautiful songs, I love to see them smile and their fun attitude.. it's priceless and like stress-free. I miss them so much, I'm sad how pop bands these days are nothing close to Westlife era..
            My love for Westlife never dies.. in 2019 but happily listening all of their tracks like nobody cares ;)
            • Tɛmpəʊ
              Tɛmpəʊ Their songs complete my childhood and really did a big impact in my life, being inspired by them.. I hope they all doing good right now.. I really thank them to the bottom of my heart ang will be my all time favourite.
              • langga koh
                langga koh The best boyband ever 90'S kid westlife and backstreet boys
                • Honey Bee
                  Honey Bee Sven Tong Same line up here ❤️
                • Paula Poulson
                  Paula Poulson @John Reyes Agreed
                • micandro nella
                  micandro nella Trivia about WESTLIFE
                  *They have a total of over a billion views in Youtube.
                  *Most watched music artist on Vietnam as of 2015 according to Youtube.
                  *Best selling international album act and band to date in Indonesia and Philippines.
                  *They are the only recording artists to win the prestigious Record Of The Year an incredible four times in just seven years.
                  *They have 14 UK number ones and 25 Top 10 hits in UK Singles Chart. 8 number ones and 12 Top 4 overall in UK Albums Chart.
                  *Most Entries at Number 1 by a Debuting Act.
                  *Only music act to have four number one in UK Singles Chart in only a year.
                  *Only male group with most original songs in an album went straight to number one in UK Singles Chart with four singles.
                  *Biggest-selling single in a week one by a debut artist.
                  *The first pop band and boy band to hit the #1 with its first two singles.
                  *Fastest number one music chart act and band in UK history.
                  *Shortest music act or band to have ten or double-figures number ones in the UK Singles Chart (2 years and 10 months - 149 weeks) - more than 3 months quicker than The Beatles (165 weeks).
                  *First official number one single music act in the 21st century of UK Singles Chart.
                  *Last official number one single music act in the 20th century of UK Singles Chart.
                  *First official number one music artist, band and single in the UK Downloads Chart.
                  *Highest leaper in the history of Official UK Singles Chart (from #200 to #1) for their single "Mandy".
                  *Second highest leaper as well in history of UK Singles Chart (#194 to #1) with the group's single "Unbreakable".
                  *Most number ones with different albums by a music album act, group, pop group and male group in UK Albums Chart.
                  *Second music act to have the longest string of number ones in UK history.
                  *Three of their studio albums were part of the 50 fastest selling albums of all time in UK.
                  *The first Irish act to have both album and single as number one on the same week in the UK charts.
                  *Biggest arena act of all time in the United Kingdom.
                  *Last concert was the biggest live attendees in a last performance date by a music band.
                  *Most performed professional and international music act in X Factor UK.
                  *Only pop band to be invited to perform live in front of a pope and a sultanate.
                  *Only band with an island in the world was named after the group.
                  *Third highest band, and highest pop band with most Top 10 singles in UK Charts.
                  *Most Consecutive Top 5 hits in the UK: Westlife (24), Runner-up: Elvis Presley (20)
                  *Most Consecutive Top 5 hits by a group in the UK: Westlife (24)
                  *Most Consecutive Top 5 hits by a male group in the UK: Westlife (24)
                  *Most Consecutive Top 10 hits in UK: Madonna (35), Runner-up: Westlife (25)
                  *Most Consecutive Top 10 hits by a group in UK: Westlife (25)
                  *Most Consecutive Top 10 hits by a male group in UK: Westlife (25)
                  *Most Top 40 Hits by a group in UK: The Supremes (30), Runner-up: Westlife (26)
                  *Most Top 40 Hits by a male group in UK: Take That (28), Runner-up: Westlife (26)
                  *Most Consecutive Number 1 hits by a group in UK: Westlife (7)
                  *Most Consecutive Number 1 hits by a male group in UK: Westlife (7)
                  *Highest paid music act in a sports wedding history (Wayne Rooney and Coleen Rooney).
                  *Fourth highest paid music act of all time in wedding history worldwide (Wayne and Coleen Rooney).
                  *Holds the record of having one of the most successful song (in terms of its views) that has never been released as a single in Youtube.
                  *Biggest selling pop band, second highest band and third highest overall of the 21st century in UK so far.
                  *Longest reigning band and second longest reigning number one music act in the 21st century in UK.
                  *Most successful music act in UK music charts in the 2000s with 11 number one singles and 7 number one albums.
              • Anna Santos
                Anna Santos Mr westlife nice day today so we are going on with my family and friends who meet you pray to god my baby girl and baby were going to be with him in i care my baby girl girl
                • Kimberly Ann Castillo
                  Kimberly Ann Castillo From philippines i really wish to see them even they have grown now they are one of my favorite beautiful voices of them and hondsom voices
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