The Hoax: The Dark Side of Being an Independent Woman!

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    43 Comments and 110 replies
  • TheQueenScorpionOshun
    TheQueenScorpionOshun I agree with this video. However, I'm getting my education for MYSELF, and would strongly encourage other ladies to do the same.
    • Fia Lulu
      Fia Lulu She's not saying not to get your education. She's saying not to flaunt your education and your career around as the primary value to attract men. Masculine men like women who they can teach some things to and take care of. Women who show off their education and accolades tend to be very masculine and have a "know-it-all" demeanor. Those traits are repellent for masculine men, but attraction for the low-value, low-life dusties and bums we don't want.
  • Juliet Okorafor
    Juliet Okorafor I’m a student so I’m not a breadwinner for any family but I’m expected to be the high achiever and I’m pushed by my family to get my degree to the highest certification so I can get the highest paying job. I’m already feeling the effects of that so I know already that I don’t want to be the breadwinner of my future family either
    • Girlonfire 2.0
      Girlonfire 2.0 Nothing wrong with you work around alot of men in your chosen field make sure to use that to your advantage to attract a high quality high earning mate
    • Keyanna
      Keyanna This is currently my situation right now as well. I feel the effects too and I Honestly feel masculine. Although I do things to feel feminine hair,makeup,clothes. It just doesnt feel right. I also agree with the comment above In the field I'm choosing I'm will be looking for men that make above what I make and has had a clear psy evaluation. No losers,or dusties.
  • Floreine-Jemima Joseph
    Floreine-Jemima Joseph I have my funds stack up, a beautiful career, and many accomplishments. But if you see me, you'll run to hold my door. I love being a woman and enjoy being feminine, protected and provided for by the men in my life, starting with my dad who's the ultimate provider and my SO. I appreciate and use their support even when I don't necessarily need it. I don't brag about being self sufficient even when I am. Like my Dad says, I'll have ample time to be strong and independent when he's no longer there to pamper me. Ladies, we're wired to be pampered, financially and otherwise. We flourish when we are. ❤️
    • Anika Elizabeth
      Anika Elizabeth This women's rights went to far.! Yes, there is bread winner darkside for women. Wish I was a stay at home mom.
      • Girlonfire 2.0
        Girlonfire 2.0 Womens rights can never go to far we are human beings an deserve to have autonomy over ourselves....but there needs to be a balance healthy feminine merged with healthy an benevolent masculinity..things are currently out of whack..mostly with toxic masculinity..which is why you have the feminine aspect over compensating
    • Tamara Williams
      Tamara Williams Everytime I say I need a man and want to be mother discourages me...she tries to shame me for feeling like I need and want a man...
      • lbrown1192
        lbrown1192 Some ppl haven't level up so they don't you to either
        MWEUSI MREMBO @Dutchy Toys She can look after your kids for you at times and you can go out and refresh. If she's good with children that is.
      • sweet pea J
        sweet pea J Have you had a talk with her about why she feels this way. I would hate to think it's because she doesn't want you to live a life she probably never did live.
      • Dutchy Toys
        Dutchy Toys MWEUSI MREMBO i would like a roommate. Not my mom. I will be stressed out again and before you know with a dusty again
      • striderkage
        striderkage It's possible that she's had mostly negative experiences with men, and views us as an unnecessary risk. She's never witnessed a loving, committed, productive relationship with a man, so she probably assumes it doesn't exist. Perhaps you can prove her wrong once you find a man who proves himself worthy.
    • Aminah B
      Aminah B Yesss A work mule will never win
      • Jennifer Tate
        Jennifer Tate I just find it ironic that we’re at a time where women’s independence is the highest in numbers, yet our respect is at its all time lowest. The more “independence” women have , the less they are cherished by men. Just look at how bold men are now to purposely display disrespect in their music and on social media. “Independence” has degraded us
      • TaNaisha Lee
        TaNaisha Lee Feminism absolutely has done more harm than good because it teaches gender equality. Men and women are not equals. We are complimentary, wired differently, built differently. We function differently! Feminism, toxic masculinity, Red Pill ideology, MGTOW religion all have this false narrative in common. They completely ignore how men and women are wired, how men and women compliment each other, and how it is exactly this wiring that has enabled humanity to not only survive, but to thrive.
        • Ny W
          Ny W I am not fully independent and I do not really want to be.
        • Divinely Feminine Sagittarius
          Divinely Feminine Sagittarius I heard no damn lies front to back because that's exactly how I feel. It truly brings you down when you have to do everything by yourself, and it's a burden all the way around the board. Unfortunately, this society is going severely backwards, and it's only getting worse! So I made the decision to set myself up financially for the future so it won't be a burden it all starts now with myself. I'm having a difficult time sitting in my feminine energy only because I don't have the luxury of that option right now to be extremely honest. So I'm doing what I have to do in order to get where I need to be so I can start practicing hypergamy, and exploring my feminine side.
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