School of Affluence: Month 1: Q&A Part 2

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  • Μαρια Μπουτελ
    • Vilena5
      Vilena5 Just the decision to work on yourself is the one lots of people are not brave enough to do. To actively work at it like this, that's admirable.
      Your hair is very nice, I can see it working with you in an elegant dress. Your voice has lovely tones and nuances; I am in no way expert but I think you could do wonderful things with it.
        DJ PANIC ATTACK You got this girl! Read the book "Think and Grow Rich" by Napoleon Hill
        • STILL WATERS
          STILL WATERS Am struggling to finish reading that book rn, I may be the only person in earth who hates that book
      • hurricaneheide
        hurricaneheide What other youtubers are helping you on this journey? Any other people we should be following?
        • RottedRowan
          RottedRowan How old are you?
        • Ai-Lin
          Ai-Lin Aw you're doing so great and I hope 2020 is fantastic for you! I think it's really inspiring that you "absorb" critique, and invite it. It reminds me of Kim K, she really wants to do better and if someone will offer that up for free instead of her having to pay for focus testing, she listens instead of doubling down on her own positions. I think the fact you are constantly open and striving to do better (even if it can get a little annoying like the eyebrows thing) is a sign you will do very, very well. And think about it, it's ONLY been a month... I wonder what life will be like after 5 years like this for you.
          • surlenil
            surlenil That bow looks lovely.
            • Adrienne Mintzer
              Adrienne Mintzer I just want to say that you speak so beautifully and so well about this program and have answered everything I wanted to know.
              • New Rose Glow
                New Rose Glow Thank you so much for saying that Adrienne. I'm glad you got all of your questions answered ❤
              • Adrienne Mintzer
                Adrienne Mintzer Very welcome! I love your views on this and your honesty and you are just the sweetest. I am going to follow your whole journey and I know you will succeed and become the superstar you are meant to be!
            • Rene Thomas
              Rene Thomas You are a beautiful spirit and young lady...thank you for sharing yourself honestly, I can't wait to enroll in her School of Affluence.
              • Amanda H
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