School of Affluence: Day 45: What to Do When You're Getting Fired

  • It's important to stay classy when on the job, and just as important to stay classy when transitioning out of it. Through the use of my School of Affluence (SOA) training and assistance from some fellow SOA sisters, I would like to share my experience with you.
    As of Tuesday, I have been let go of my position at work. Due to a confidentiality agreement, I cannot discuss the details of my separation. I can, however, let you know what steps I took to prepare to be fired, what to do immediately after getting fired, and some general good advice for going through the firing process.
    If I have forgotten anything, I would love for you to share your experience and expertise in the comment section! We are all here to help each other.

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  • cindland
    cindland You are wonderful. May you be blessed beyond measure!
    • Lilian Bloom
      Lilian Bloom I like your positive and encourage thinking. Wish you all the best in your new endeavors.
        A CLUTTER FREE LIFE I've never seen a video like this ! I love it!!! I started a new job 2 weeks ago and I got some notices on certain things such as time management that I need to Improve on and ofcourse I will work on it. So this video was a motivation . And something to keep in my arsenal. Thank you
        • Kylee
          Kylee Were you able to find a new job yet? If not, this could be a great chance to get one that is more congruent with your level-up journey! Maybe one that includes some travel since that is a goal for you!
          • Ann Kariuki
            Ann Kariuki I have not been fired before but this is good advice. I hope things work out.
            • Denise Harris
              Denise Harris This is such EXCELLENT advise. You are so kind and have such a positive outlook on life that you'll be hired again before you know it!!
              • Wondersere
                Wondersere I'm very excited for this new phase of your life. The same happened to me a few months ago and although not everything is 100% set yet, I can tell you, life will surprise you! Keep up the tremendous job!! ♥️
                • Carmen Smith
                  Carmen Smith You look really beautiful in this video. Love, love, love your top and your makeup is flawless. You actually look like an executive.
                  • Tina A.
                    Tina A. I am so glad you mentioned vacation time! A lot of people forget to read their employee handbook to see what the company policy is for vacation/Paid Time Off. When I left my last job, they paid out my vacation time. However, my husband lost all of his time when he left his job because their policy was different.
                    • Maryam Greenidge
                      Maryam Greenidge You will continue to blossom from the experience! You were glowing up along the way and expanding beyond the position. Better and more wonderful things to come.
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