School of Affluence: Day 161: Program Discontinued

  • The School of Affluence: 7-Step Formula to Success program is being discontinued, and I want to take a moment and answer some of the questions that I've gotten.

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  • Natural4CHairPassion
    Natural4CHairPassion Better sign up sooner rather than later!
  • Jeannette Marie
    Jeannette Marie You are so sweet...I adore you. Strangers reaching out to ask you if they can use your login information is absolutely rude. I'm making it a stretch with someone you do know asks for something as personal as that but strangers - NO, not acceptable.
    • Tim
      Tim amazing content bro
    • Rebeca oliveira
      Rebeca oliveira What a lovely BG!!
    • Cami Hartwig
      Cami Hartwig I was missing your videos! ❤️
    • Hoki
      Hoki Wow. Are the online groups with fellow students going away, too?
      • SayconTalks
        SayconTalks I too was wondering when you were going to comment on the discontinuation ☺️but I’m glad you did. To be honest, once I started the program and I saw how informative it was and how quickly Anna Bey’s following/brand is growing knowing that she gotten her certification in etiquette I knew she would likely be doing a new program eventually! The beta program is great especially during this time of shelter in, and I can’t wait to see what she offers next because she mentioned something new that will reach a wider type of audiences in addition to the elite program. Many online teachers change and upgrade programs as they continue to grow in business. I definitely see how your channel will continue to grow on YouTube as a true next level “level up” process takes time and your experiences in life and story times will be great! You had already completed the program anyway and revisiting the modules is definitely part of the process. I truly appreciate your integrity and not giving your password to people. The Facebook group is so full of women interesting posts it’s hard to keep up and the new modules she added are awesome I listened to one yesterday if anyone can get the $ together it is an awesome investment in your life and worth it I am just a person who appreciates women doing better for themselves . If you can’t afford it really take heed to the advice on the YouTube and learn as much as you can. Apparently I am a chatty Cathy right now I’m using talk to text sorry for any typos… Hopefully you will go live later today it be fun to see
        • glitzy decor
          glitzy decor I really like the background you use in your video. How do you find the background and include it in your video? Thanks and welcome back
          • Andreea Chirila
            Andreea Chirila Where did she say that the program wont be available anymore?
            • New Rose Glow
              New Rose Glow In the online groups on March 24th. I can't upload a screen shot, but I just pasted the message in the comment above.
          • carakilari
            carakilari Thank you Rose for the update! Do you happen to know when exactly the program will no longer be available? I'm still thinking about buying it...much love xx