How To Be Like God Part 2

  • It wasn't designed to be simple, but we are given everything that we need to successfully complete this race with excellence. God Himself, being the Firstfruits, paved the road for us, now it is up to us to follow it.
    I love you and God bless you!!!

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  • Amara Shakur4Eva
    Amara Shakur4Eva I know Jesus' blood is sacred. its sacred cause of its power and in its power is the ability to keep His saints and protect their blood. Psalm 116.15 says precious in His sight is the death of His saints and Psalm 72.14 says He will rescue them from oppression and violence for precious is their blood in His sight.
  • salama
    salama He girl, how did God reveal to you about not wearing pants?
    • Grace and Mercy Unto You
      Grace and Mercy Unto You Lol @ "He girl" hahahaha. Hey!! It is good to hear from you. Well, the Lord told me to watch a video on Youtube that popped up in my recommendations. In it, the woman spoke about the things that Jesus told her after taking her to hell. Everything that the Lord told her, He had told me over the years. But there was one thing that He hadn't spoken to me about and that was pants. He told her that any woman who wears pants will not enter His Kingdom. It was heavy for me, but one thing I knew for sure; I couldn't just believe everything she said except for the one thing that would cause more changes in my life. So I prayed about it, and God told me it is His will that women do not wear pants. Then He told me to do research on when women began to wear pants and why. Then He explained to me that the scripture where He says women should not wear men's clothing is a part of the moral law, and His morals have never and will never change. It is just not right. So, I changed my wardrobe and it is skirts and dresses only. I promise you sis, this change pleases God so much. I felt closer to Him than ever when I got rid of my pants. Sometimes we don't understand how much certain things can hinder us until we take them out of the way. I never would've thought God views pants as a spot, wrinkle or blemish in our lives. But He does. As He leads me I will do a video on it.
    • salama
      salama haha sorry for the typo! yes I've seen a lot of videos like that, but people say its such a big burden and kind of legalistic... its just so much and I feel very confused especially when pastors don't even talk about it you know.. but I'm so happy for your transformation! theirs so much to let go of, and at my church its never the case especially the no makeup no fake hair thing... and a lot of people think were crazy when we choose to surrender all this... so wearing all of this will bring you to hell!?? :O I need to really pray about this... this is serious..Im being persecuted daily even when I chose to not do my hair or wear makeup its so hard, please pray for me, and thank you for sharing this!
    • Grace and Mercy Unto You
      Grace and Mercy Unto You lyd b Yes, we will be persecuted for being different, but being different is the standard. We are in this world but not of it. We are supposed to be different from the world in every way. When something aligns with scripture it is not legalistic, it is scriptural. A good example of legalism is having to stand in the pulpit and greet all the clergy before you begin your sermon. That is paritality and not scriptural at all. The church has things twisted, that is why the church is so lukewarm, corrupt, and filled with sin and folly. People won't understand you when you follow God for real. Read Matthew 7:13-14, there will only be a few who actually "get it" and find the narrow path. Never allow people to put you on the broad way ❤❤❤❤
    • salama
      salama yeah honestly I owe zero skirts only pencil skirts and their too tight, but I prayed about it last night, I kind of had a dream concerning it, but I can't really remember, I will continue to pray about it this week. Amen completely agree with you, I will for sure read it. I love how you stated that you actually felt so much closer to God after getting rid of pants wow!! Thanks again!
    • Grace and Mercy Unto You
      Grace and Mercy Unto You lyd b Yea, I couldn't believe how the type of clothing you wear effects your relationship with God. I thought I carried myself modestly with my pants and long blouses. But now I know that was my own form of righteousness, God's righteousness looks completely different from what I used to wear. Keep praying about it, not only will the Lord confirm it He'll also provide you with the money to get the dresses and skirts. I owned zero skirts, I actually had one dress that I had to get rid of. Now I have an entirely new wardrobe that the Lord agrees with.
  • luvhoney brown
    luvhoney brown Hey sis so if u have tattoos.... Wat do we do... Do we anoint them and ask for forgiveness??????
    • Foxxy Trot
      Foxxy Trot luvhoney brown Yes that's exactly what you do. The Bible says in Acts 3:19 repent ye therefore, and be converted, that your sins may be blotted out, when the times of refreshing shall come from the presence of the Lord. So when you ask for forgiveness all your sins are forgiven God doesn't even acknowledge your tattoos anymore. Tiffany has tattoos she said so in her other videos so don't be discouraged God still loves you. Praise the Lord. Thank you Jesus
  • chakel walker
    chakel walker JESUSSSSSS!!!!!!
    • Jaime Smith
      Jaime Smith I wanted to start wearing all dresses. I wanted to know what do you do in the fall/winter? Do you wear tights/leggings under your dresses?
    • dreamflower0987
      dreamflower0987 Hey :)
      what about christian statues?
      why are you vegan?
      • Pieces of God
        Pieces of God The MOST Beautiful thing I realised today about Jesus.... Is that His Flesh never dictated His Character. He was always kind. Forgiving. Honest. You never see in the Bible "and Jesus felt". It was never about His feelings. His Flesh. Jesus commanded. Jesus Fed. Jesus spoke. You never see and Jesus felt. He had to be like God. Even the kindest people I know slip up and snap. He didn't.... Not even once. That is My God.
        • Child of Most High
          Child of Most High thank you... ❤
        • Kerwin Prescod
          Kerwin Prescod I hear the holy spirit in your voice glory be to God, I know his voice your messages are from him. Amen
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